About us

Our philosophy

If you are looking for devices and systems to eliminate odors or to neutralize pollutants in the air, as well as to disinfect the air, then you have come to the right place.

As equipment manufacturers, we attach great importance to environmentally friendly construction, function and disposal of our components and equipment. In addition, we guarantee that most of the accessories come from Switzerland and that all processing steps were carried out in Switzerland!

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Air quality

Every living being has the right to fresh and unpolluted air, which preserves health and promotes wellbeing. With our devices, the polluted air is restored within rooms, buildings and large systems. Odor pollution for fellow human beings can be eliminated and everyone’s satisfaction can be promoted.


Your advantages

The indoor air can be polluted by various factors and make life uncomfortable for us. These would be among others:
  • Unpleasant odors (food, smoke, sweat, feces, etc.)
  • Volatile Chemical Compounds (VOCs)
  • Viruses, bacteria and germs (e.g .: Corona)
  • Microorganisms
  • Mold spores and allergens / pollen
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These factors damage our health, which manifests itself in various symptoms. Headaches, tiredness, lack of concentration, unpleasant smells or triggering illnesses are the result. In the short or long term, this can harm your body!

We get rid and eliminate all these factors sustainably, without chemicals, but with environmentally friendly technology and components.

Take a deep breath again and feel good, whether at home, in vehicles, in the office, at work, in restaurants or wherever you are! Even with heavily polluted air such as in sewage treatment plants, sink rooms, large kitchens or pathologies, remedial measures can be found. There is also a suitable solution for every use case.

Take care of your health!

How does this work?

In order for our devices to achieve the desired effect, one thing is very important – ions. These occur everywhere in the wild and are generated in a wide variety of ways. Thunderstorms, to be precise, lightning bolts and the sun generate them in large numbers.

These oxygen ions ensure fresh and clean air on our planet. We reproduce this effect, make use of the advantages and also ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

With our electron tubes, positive and negative ions are formed and released into the air. The ions bind with all kinds of particles, odor molecules or pollutants in the air and oxidize them. Living organisms such as viruses or mold spores are killed on contact. Odor molecules are neutralized and almost all odors disappear.

It is essential for success to generate the correct number of ions for the pollutants to be controlled. If you form too few, the target remains (e.g. it would still smell bad) or if you form too many, then it smells over-ionized (slightly like swimming pool – chlorine). The size of the device and the place of use therefore play a decisive role in determining which device is right for you.

Customer advice is strongly recommended! This is the only way to ensure that you get the maximum effect with minimal effort and that you can enjoy the technology for a long time.

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Ionization devices

Here is our overview! 


The sale of our devices and advice on your circumstances are carried out exclusively through our competent Swiss sales partner:
Airoclean AG

If you are interested, please contact them directly.


Repair service

Our devices stand for quality and durability!

Therefore, of course, they can still be repaired and serviced years and decades later. If you need spare parts or would like a service in our workshop or at your location, please contact our sales partner.


Company history

09/21/2007 – Company foundation

For a short time under the umbrella company “Gustav Haeberli Consultant – GHC” and finally under the present name “Air Repair Services GmbH – ARS” in Stansstad Switzerland by Gustav Haeberli
(former workshop manager, design engineer and managing director / 1997 to 2007 – of the company “Bentax Industrial”)

01/01/2022 – Sale of the company and move to Feuerthalen Switzerland

All in all, we can look back on several decades of experience in the design and manufacture of electrical ionizing devices. These experiences ensure a high-quality and long-lasting quality of the equipment and functionality.